The Organisers of Timbertown would like to thank all of the volunteer helpers and supporters that made Timbertown 2017 ‘at the Beach’ such as success. Without your support, Timbertown would not be possible. Thank you!

Timbertown is a non-profit making children’s playscheme, run over the August Bank Holiday in Maidenhead for approximately 350 local children, aged 6 to 11. The charity has been running annually since 1984, and has grown and developed with the support and generosity of local individuals and organisations. All helpers act as volunteers, and without this support, the event would not be able to take place.

The organisers are committed to keeping the scheme available to the whole community, and creating 4 days of fun packed entertainment, with all materials and amenities being provided by Timbertown.

We believe that this provides excellent value, and an invaluable experience for local children, which makes Timbertown a genuinely community based project. We are always looking for support, from individuals, companies and organisations in order to enable Timbertown to continue in the future.

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