3 days from Saturday 25 August to Bank Holiday Monday 27 August

TIMBERTOWN Bush Camp: organisers have had to make changes to programme to save this year’s event. Due to the extremely dry weather this summer, and after consultation with senior management at Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service, it has become clear that it will not be safe to finish with the customary bonfire.

This has left the organising Committee with a dilemma, as the usual programme involves building huts from vast numbers of wooden pallets. With no viable means of disposal, the choice was tough: scale back this year’s building, or cancel the event.

At a recent meeting, the organisers – many of whom have run TIMBERTOWN for many years and overcome many challenges along the way – decided not to disappoint the many children and parents who have booked. Reluctantly, they chose to reduce the building and painting programme from two days to one. The Australian bush camp will use less timber, combined with other materials. The other activities – such as tug of war and other outdoor games and entertainments – will continue as normal, with some new, fun ones added. The emphasis has always been on creative outdoor play in a safe, social setting.

TIMBERTOWN 2018 will run from Saturday 25th August and conclude on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August. The organisers hope that children and parents will understand how hard this decision has been, and will agree that three days of fun are better than none.

If there are any queries, please email Timbertown.

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