Every year, Timbertown is based on a different theme. Here is a list of our themes:

1984 Timbertown Village
1985 Timbertown Cartoon
1986 Timbertown Worldwide
1987 Timbertown On The Move
1988 Timbertown Jubilee
1989 Timbertown TV and Films
1990 Timbertown For The Future
1991 Timbertown Wild West
1992 Timbertown Pirates and Princesses
1993 Timbertown Funfair
1994 Timbertown in Victorian Times
1995 Timbertown Fairy Tales and Horror Stories
1996 Timbertown All At Sea
1997 Timbertown Back To The Future
1998 Timbertown Eureka
1999 Timbertown From Land’s End To John O’Groats
2000 Timbertown 2K
2001 Timbertown A Space Oddity
2002 Timbertown Goes Potty
2003 Timbertown Plays On
2004 Timbertown Celebrations
2005 Timbertown In Technicolour
2006 Timbertown The BFT
2007 Timbertown on Safari
2008 Timbertown Silver Jubilee
2009 Timbertown Goes Global
2010 Timbertown Eats Out
2011 Timbertown Best of British
2012 Timbertown at the Olympics
2013 Timbertown The World’s your oyster!
2014 Timbertown saves the day
2015 Timbertown at the Prom
2016 Timbertown London Landmarks
2017 Timbertown at the Beach
2018 Timbertown Down Under
2019 Timbertown ‘at the Library’

Due to the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Timbertown will not take place in 2020.
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