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Timbertown takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend and the programme for 2018 is as follows (one day shorter than normal):

Saturday (Signing in from 10.30, opening at 11am, closing at 4pm)

Building, Painting and Decorating - Children join a group based around the theme, build a hut using timber and material provided by local companies. Children bring their own real tools (hammers, saws, etc) with all building materials (nails, timber, etc) provided by Timbertown. All paints are provided by Timbertown and are emulsion paint. Children bring paint brushes and old clothes are required as not all of the paint ends up on the huts!

Group sizes are limited for safety reasons, so choose quickly and notify the Group Leader when the gates open.

Sunday (11am to 4pm)

Funday - Games, Sports and Crafts all day (plus surprises), including bouncy castle, and a water game - some games are unique to Timbertown, so swimming costumes and a towel are required.

Monday (11am to 2pm)

Fancy Dress, Party, Entertainers, and watching the huts being demolished. Please note, there will closing bonfire in 2018, due to the extremely dry weather.

All children are required to bring a pack lunch each day, and wear old clothes.


Please note that registration is only possible in advance, and no registration is possible on site.