TIMBERTOWN - a briefing document for supporters & reporters
TIMBERTOWN is Maidenhead’s unique and original children’s holiday activity, and has been run every August Bank Holiday weekend since 1984. It was introduced by a local resident to provide children of primary school age with an exciting way to end the summer holidays, and gives them an opportunity for outdoor play and learning in a safe, creative environment.
At the heart of TIMBERTOWN is a town of wooden huts designed, built and decorated by the children themselves, using scrap timber and other donated materials. The town is completed with inflatables, a water slide and tuck shop, and sets the scene for team games, individual activities and free play.
TIMBERTOWN has grown from a small, family-run project for 100 children in 1984 to an annual event organised by a committee of 10 with the help of dozens of volunteers. It now caters for over 350 children, and many return year after year, becoming junior helpers when they become too old to participate. In this way, it is still a family event for many, and while the younger children learn practical and creative skills, our teenagers are offered the chance to learn about responsibility and caring for others
Entry to TIMBERTOWN costs a total of £30 for all 3 days, making it accessible to all local children, and the event is run entirely by volunteers. Its success depends entirely on the practical support or financial assistance of local businesses, charitable trusts and individuals. TIMBERTOWN is a registered charity (no. 284813).
Each year, TIMBERTOWN is based on a different theme, which inspires the range of huts and activities featured. Previous themes have included Funfair, Safari, Wild West and favourite children’s authors. Timbertown is a regular feature in Maidenhead’s activity calendar, althoggh however due to the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Timbertown will not take place in 2020.
The longevity of Timbertown is a real testament to the dedication of all those involved in bringing this very special community event to Maidenhead.
· Unique to Maidenhead the only event of its kind in the UK
· Not-for-profit, dependent on corporate and individual support
· Gives children aged 6-11 an opportunity for safe and exciting outdoor play
· Helps children develop creative, practical and social skills in a fun environment
· Encourages social responsibility in young people and teenagers
· Community-based, involving all ages and social groups
- Fun!
Timbertown’s Data Protection Privacy Notices are available by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer on the following link: DPO email
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